Community of Southern Vietnam has intextricably tied to fishery down through the ages. There exists an abundant supply of clams. Under raising pressure to boost production, fishermen started collecting immature clams that led to the near collapse of local clam fishery.


Over the past decade, through education, Mrs. Nga, the Fisheries Director in BEN TRE, has steered the fishery onto a new and sustainable course. She has been establishing an effective cooperative-based management system, which allows equal collaboration of the community members to assure the future of fishery.

​Highest Quality

100% Wild hand pick. Jumbo size, sweet and meaty. Ready to cook, do not need soaking to remove sand.

Sustainability Certification

100% sustainable source from MSC certified fishery and processor with legitimate Eco-label on packaging.

Precise Labelling

Food labelling compliance included nutrition facts, ingredient details with fish species and net weight.

Quality Label

Product processed comply with quality standards of BRS and IFS.

Safe and Healthy

Regular laboratory heavy metal testing.

  • ​Origin in Vietnam

  • Caught at Pacific Ocean FAO 71

  • MSC Eco-label

  • Raw, IQF Frozen

  • Jumbo Size 40-60 pcs / kg

  • 500g resealable zipper lock pack

  • 1kg wholesale loose plain bag pack



Deliciously good for you

Rich Protein

100g portion of white clam (around 12pcs) cover 20% required daily intake of protein.

Rich Calcium

White Clam is high in Calcium with 100g portion cover 14% require daily intake as rich calcium as milk.

Rich iron and B12

Naturally High in Iron and B12 which contributed to the formation of red blood cell. Each serving 100g cover 50% require Iron daily intake.