Do you still remember? The fluttering feelings held when you first tried the chewy yet lusciously-juiced tiger prawn meat. The Tiger Prawn meat comes from the fertile mangrove area near Vietnam’s Mekong River. There is a natural feed shrimp raises in small scale farms in Vietnam Villages.

​Highest Quality

Low density farm in mangrove. Meat has natural sweetness. Natural Tiger Meat without food additives added in true natural delicacy.

Sustainability Certification

100% sustainable source from ASC certified farm and processor with legitimate Eco-label on packaging.

Precise Labelling

Food labelling compliance included nutrition facts, ingredient details with fish species and net weight.

Quality Label

Product processed comply with quality standards of BRS and IFS.

Safe and Healthy

No Added Hormone growth and no Antibiotic feed.

It is a natural tiger prawn farm where a complete eco-cycle can be sustained without any feed. Tiger Prawn raised by algae and plankton - showing a farming concept of going back to nature sustainably. in the form of deshelled tiger prawn meat, as if it is magic, we present you the first-hand shrimp flavour, to find back your innermost desire towards food.


  • ​100% Responsible farm and pack in Vietnam

  • ASC Eco-label

  • Raw, IQF Frozen 100% net weight

  • Pin-Deveined Meats Tail On/ Tail Off

  • Size per pound options: 21-25, 26-30, 31-40

  • 500g/ 1kg resealable zipper lock pack

  • 1kg plain bag is available subject to customized order

Frozen ASC Tiger Prawn Meat Tail Off

(100% Natural No Soak)

Frozen ASC Tiger Prawn Meat Tail On

(EU Standard STPP Treated)


Deliciously good for you

Rich Protein

100g portion of Tiger Prawn (size 21-25/lb) cover 30% require daily intake of protein.

Low Sodium

Natural Tiger Prawn Meat contains 20% less sodium than commonly found.