SKREI is known as the “Norwegian Miracle”. The quality is not what you can find everywhere. Only this very Best Norwegian Atlantic Cod can be labelled as SKREI. The frosty, crystal-clear yet deep natural environment of Barents Sea ferments Atlantic Cod’s peculiarity - the clean white flesh along with its abundant source of Protein, Omega-3 and Vitamin 12, making it a judicious choice for health and savory.

Fillet (whole)

Like the Loin (which is the upper fillet) this produces succulent white meat with superb taste and texture, which carries all sorts of flavours brilliantly.


This is arguably the best cut. It forks off in glorious white chunks. All it needs is some well-judged seasoning and a simple sauce.


The most lean part of Skrei, with less moisture content, more firm texture, a sweeter flavour.


Skrei’s belly is light and lean, cause they will store their fat into the liver but not muscle. You can taste the most lean and healthy belly here.


Skrei’s portion is heavy bias cut for Belly maximum plate coverage - yet thick and meaty enough to ensure a great texture.


SKREI is the supreme delicacy of Atlantic Cod. Renowned for its delicate white color, flaky structure and superior flavor. It’s known as Norway’s “White Gold” with limited availability which is the ideal choice of professional Chef.

Skin-pack enhances presentation and freshness


Deliciously good for you


96% of the calories in a portion of cod come from protein.


A typical 150g portion of cod should cover your entire recommended daily intake of omega-3.

Vitamin A

This useful vitamin supports good eye- sight and a strong immune system.daily intake of omega-3.

Vitamin B12

Cod contains plenty of vitamin B12, a lack of which could result in blood deficiency.


Protects the body from environmental pollutants by counteracting the damage caused by free radicals.


Cod is a good source of iodine and this helps to regulate the body’s metabolism.