Product originated from Vietnam, is known as one of the best selling product in our product range. This is one of the best and healthy fish you can taste everyday which FISHMONK provide highest quality choice.

​Highest Quality

Fish without muddy tastes raise in ASC certified pond with water quality control. Only pick fish larger than 1-1.5kg to getthicker loin portion.

Sustainability Certification

100% sustainable source from ASC certified farm and processor with legitimate Eco-label on packaging.

Precise Labelling

Food labelling compliance included nutrition facts, ingredient details with fish species and net weight.

Quality Label

Product processed comply with quality standards of BRS and IFS.

Safe and Healthy

No Added Hormone growth and no Antibiotic feed. Minimally processed and No Soak potion is available.

Pangasius Fillet accessed Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification – water and feeds are under rigorous monitoring routine, to ensure the seafood at its rst-string condition. Every single piece of lustrous llet with tenderness is the fruit of sherfolks’ painstaking efforts year by year.


  • 100% Responsible farm and pack in Vietnam​

  • ASC eco-label

  • Boneless llet skin off

  • 220g up /pcs

  • 3 pcs /pack

  • 10% protective glaze

Frozen ASC Pangasius Fillet 100% Natural No Soak
Frozen ASC Pangasius Fillet EU Standard STPP Treated


Deliciously good for you

Rich Protein

100g portion of Pangasius fillet (1/2pc) cover 30% required daily intake of protein.

Low Sodium

100% Natural Pangasius Fillet contains 3 times less sodium than commonly available.