The Commitment to Food safety that ensuring our customers’ and consumers’ enjoyment of the very best and healthiest quality of seafood. Our Food products are straightly monitored under several lawful regulations and certifications.

Source of Local lawful Compliance
Part V of the Public Health and Municipal Services Ordinance (Cap. 132)
The main provisions cover the general protection for food supplier, and the measurement of violation and offenses in connection with the sale of unfit food and adulterated food, composition, and labeling of food, food hygiene, seizure and destruction of unfit food;

The Food Safety Ordinance (Cap. 612)

It provides updated food safety control measures, including a registration scheme for food importers and food distributors and an expectation for food traders to maintain proper records of the logistics and their operation management to enhance food traceability.

General Principle and Guideline of Food Safety 

The Guideline To The Our Processor and Exporter Partner 


BRC Standard 

There are some major guideline and explanation for assisting our Partner towards the supply of seafood products to us :

  • Engagement level of Partner's Senior Management commitment and continual improvement policy

  • The practice and consistency on their application of the food safety Plan (HACCP)

  • The Solidarity of Partner's Food quality management and food safety system

  • Regularity and Frequency of Site standard/Facility and operational standard

  • The Reliability of Partner's Product control

  • The Stability of Process control Personnel

  • The Commitment on Sustainable production and Sustainable Processing

Core Principles and Guideline to Sourcing and Procurement process

  • MSC and ASC Accreditation is always our Priority on sourcing decision

  • The supplier requires accredited MSC and ASC Certification and Supply license

  • The Supply of Materials and Finished Product should be Identifiable

  • Logistic arrangement and Processing procedure should be strictly managed

  • All operation flow should be Traceable and Recorded

  • Communication and Business Transaction should be always in good management

The quality of seafood is the essential of our service

"Because we are engaged in the seafood industry, we do our effort to enable our customer to taste the best qualty of seafood and the blessed taste from the ocean. 

We encourage our supplier to supply the seafood product which follow the legal compliance with its national and local laws and regulations. The farm process should consider the preservation of natural habitats, water resources and its environment quality. The antibiotics and chemicals use should be strictly controlled and responsibly used. We encourage our supplier to continuously improve the seafood farming practices which allow our customer to enjoy the best quality of seafood

擇善而從 原味呈獻


The Procedure for Product Development

Basic Document for supplier evaluation

Holds a valid and effective ASC and/or MSC certification document

Processor for marine and aquaculture products must have valid BRC certification

Fish Catch documents for marine harvest products is highly encouraged and recommended

Do not accept illegal fiunreported and unregulated fishing activities



Product development Assessment

Provide Document to provide no application of harmonies as a growth promoter

Prohibition of antibiotics as a growth promoter

Provides a third-party laboratory report to assure that chemical residue levels is complied with EU and/or US Food Safety Authority Standard on food-safety requirements

Provide third-party laboratory reports that heavy metals and chemical contaminants meet food safety requirements

To monitor food nutrition and manage food labels, a list of product ingredients and nutrition test reports will be considered as a basic requirement of exporting documents.



Quality Assurance and Food Safety Commitment
In all commercial transactions, our supplier are expected to provide the following relevant documents which include:

Official health certificate issued by the relevant government department of the exporting country

Country of origin document

Document or report for product Shelf life or batch control

Test report on the inspection of the product for chemical residues, heavy metals, and microbiological contaminants residues