FISHMONK Fishball is more than street snack to fill up tummy. It is made with more than 80% Pure Fish meat. Unlike the usual tenderly chewy mouthfeel, it is more of an al-dente one. It is the convenient choice to ger Fish Protein.

Highest Quality

Have natural mild fish taste but no fishy. Convenient and healthy choice for all.

Safe and Healthy

Fishball contains 80% 

fish meat that are high in protein.Use natural flavouring like ginger juice and lemongrass.


Quality Labels

Product processed comply with quality standards of BRS and IFS.

Sustainably Certifications

100% sustainable source from ASC certified farm and processor with legitimate Eco-label on packaging.

Precise Labelling

Food labelling compliance include nutrition facts, ingredients details with fish species and net weight.

  • Farm and pack in Vietnam

  • 80% fish meat (Pangasius)

  • ASC Eco-label

  • 14-15 pcs /pack

  • 250g resealable zipper lock pack

  • 1kg plain wholesales pack for Deep Fried Flavour

Frozen ASC Boiled Fishball

(Lemongrass Flavour)

Frozen ASC Deep Fried Fishball (Fried in soya oil)


Deliciously good for you


Rich Protein

100g portion of FISHMONK Fishball (around 6 pcs) cover 20% required daily intake of protein.

Low Sodium

Minimal artificial flavoring (<0.5%) which contains 3 times less sodium than commonly available.