Start up

Our family and upbringing background gave us a passion to the concept of sustainability and drive to the establishment of KLG FINE FOOD COMPANY LIMITED in 2012. Based in Hong Kong, we specialized in supplying premium and 

sustainable seafood to our customers.


KLG participate the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC)  Chain  of  Custody  (CoC)  program and have been accredited the MSC and ASC Chain of Custody Certification in 2014.

The Entry of 

Understand the importance of sustainability should be in a more global engagement and KLG set up its branch office in Guangzhou, Mainland China in 2015 for the promotion of sustainable seafood and sustainable consumption to China consumer .

The Birth of FISHMONK

We believed that, phasing the concept with  brand  effort  is  a  very  desirable tools for actuating the cult and impact on  customer  and  end user towards sustainable consumption, FISHMONK was born in 2015.

B corp Certification

B corps are leading a global movement of people using business as a force for good. To further commit to the mission of KLG and its journey, the company is accredited to the 1st certified B-Corp in the seafood industry of Hong Kong in Feb 2018


" KLG is committed to promoting the development of sustainable seafood market, which benefits the seafood industry and consumers."

We pay great attention to the sales of sustainable seafood but also hope that consumers' consumption values ​​for sustainable seafood can be changed. We understand that there is more room for improvement in the supply of seafood in Hong Kong, and we believe that participation can encourage the seafood industry to make changes.

We believe that consumers are willing to pay fair and reasonable prices for healthy and sustainable seafood products. Because of this market's needs, it is good practice to follow a systematic and standardized sustainable seafood guideline for the growth of a sustainable seafood market. The quality seafood we offered is part of the effort we engaged.




We believe that community environments, communities and business partnerships are the foundation for sustainability. We believe that selling seafood products is not only a commodity consumption and trading, but it is also a process of building mutual trust and caring participation.


​Traceability management is our important commitment and shared responsibility with our business partners, and our products are traceable from the whole process and stages of production to distribution. and this is recorded under the ERP system


Our commitment to food safety is our highest quality control requirement in the operation and management of our products, ensuring that our customers and consumers enjoy the best and healthiest seafood quality.


The risk assessment process is designed to assess and evaluate the reliability and sustainability of our commitments, which are our ultimate commitment and our basic expectations for the food safety control of our business partners/customers.




How beautiful is that facing the Sea

In the Traditional world, we are working for the maximization of profit and utility and sometime forget to consider the impact to society and environment.


With 18 years of manufacturing experience, we have been witness the merit of the traditional values and orientation. Unfortunately, in the time when we are benefit and reward from the hard work we commit day by day, we are enjoyed the economic reward and life experience at the expense of scarifying the environment that we should treasure and enjoy with our family.


Thanks to all experience we earned, it helps us understand more of our gene and delve the meaning of life and work. We cannot live without work, but we are able to work in a way of more fun, meaningful and impactful.


Returned to family business as a fisherman in a financial metropolitan 6 years ago, it seems that it is not a perfect match of time, place and environment. However, the plant is not well-grown without roots, bird cannot fly without wing. We trust that Fishingindustries can be more innovative, more practical and more impactful.


FISHMONK is established in 2015 to promote sustainable seafood and sustainable consumption. We are glad to work with all our partners now and in the future with the shared mission and values. With a view to this, the first Voluntary Supply Chain code of Conduct is developed with the heartfelt opportunities to allow more friends and people to join into this journey with us and work for the better future of our future generation.

The Savory Happiness


For love & for life, we persist to offer the better.

The perpetual wonder of the blue wilderness is a place for heroes with a courageous heart and skilled hands only, risking themselves, on the exploration for the most precious gift - fresh seafood, to be catering our savory needs. Should those fishermen have our respect for their hard work, nevertheless, more gratitude goes to the blue treasure that gives and creates everything. Fishmonk was established with the mission to enrich the variety of seafood choice seafood that is environmental and sustainable, in support of sustainable and responsible aquacultural development and ecological equilibrium.

Higher Quality

  • Only the appropriate use of food additives for seafood freshness and the function of preservation.

  • Strictly control the use of food additives, comply with EU or US food safety standards, and preserve the original taste of seafood.

  • The Commitment to Service excellence has been audited and reviewed by a number of hotels, supermarket chains, and airline food service companies.

  • Our products are regularly tested for microbial and chemical residues.


More Healthy

  • No addition of hormones to stimulate growth is allowed for the farmed seafood under the requirement of ASC Certification

  • ASC certified seafood does not suggest and recommends the use of antibiotics improperly to promote growth. It is the purpose to reduce the risk of antibiotic resistance in seafood feeding processes

  • It is forbidden to abuse antibiotics to prevent and treat diseases, and the use of antibiotics can only be authorized under the supervision of veterinarians.

  • The protein of our products is comparatively higher and the sodium content is relatively lower than similar products.


More Eco-friendly

  • We are purchasing products from the responsible fish-farming processor and suppliers only.

  • Our product packaging is always printed with MSC or ASC Eco-labels and ensures all the products sold in the market should be traceable and accredited sustainability assurance.

labor Rights

  • We do our utmost best to source our products from socially responsible farms and processors in which we do not allow the Child labor, human trafficking or forced labor is not tolerated and it is our measurement to response to the labor rights issue.